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Thank You for Your Generosity

The Purpose Bridge foundation was created to help bridge academic, financial, and technological support to under-resourced Black and Brown boys and their families.
With the help of our partners, we have been able to supply over 300 students with their own personal ipad during the Corona Virus quarantine which exposed a large digital divide for Black and Brown students and their access to technological services.

We have also hired our first employee through the generous donations to TPBF. When you give you ensure that we can continue to provide quality weekly programming, valuable resources, and exposure for our students. With your help we can provide our boys with an alternative to gangs and guns which in turn makes Denver a safer community.

Our goal is to build an army of hardworking, tough minded/purposed leaders, who are going to change the world. Help us.

We cannot express how much it means to us that you would consider partnering with and donating to TPBF. Your generosity is positively changing the lives of our collective community. It is your support that helps TPBF continue to be a light and resource in our community.

A few ways your generosity makes a difference is:

  • Classroom instruction and facilitation
  • Educational Trips
  • Community Events
  • Ensuring every YMOP student gets a t-shirt each year
  • Annual conference & holiday party for students
  • Senior Graduation Stoles

Ways to give